The Passing Away of our President, P.L. Ferrari, and his Legacy

Our father, Pier Luigi Ferrari, has been celebrated with condolences and messages of the following tenor: “He was a monumental person in the P&l world and leaves a tremendous legacy behind in the maritime industry”or “We shall remember him with great admiration and as a significant leader and innovator in our P&l world”.
It’s hard for us to summarize what have been our father’s main pillars in his job. We therefore asked him to tell us what he considered to be the main values that have driven his successful career.

We share with you his own words:
“Knowing how to listen, understand the Owners’ needs, and create the right services to satisfy these needs”
“I believe that this was one of my main successes, at least at the beginning of my activity. Everyone, especially Shipowners, love telling their experiences, indeed interesting. knowing how to listen with profound attention is certainly a key to understand their needs and to forge our services around these needs”.
“Setting a clear relationship with the Owners”
“Back in the 60ies, the role of the Owners Broker, as we know it today, was not that known. At the time the prevailing figure was the Insurance Agent, a person whose interest was there only to safeguard the interests of the insurance company employing him, at disadvantage of the Client. A key of success has been to act as Owners Broker and explain to the Clients that the Owners’ Broker is there to protect his Client’s interests without compromises”
“Forging a strong relationship with Colleagues and caring about their wellbeing”
“This has been one of the characteristics in which, I believe, was most successful: the mutual trust has been the key to create, together with the Colleagues, the right working environment, and, I would add, the passion for our work itself.
The wellbeing of the Colleague has always been my priority and a key to the success of my organization.”
Our father, after many years spent promoting his affection, his positiveness, his total devotions to his Clients, his Colleagues, his Partners, and his Stakeholders, found himself alone embracing his original vision within his organization. This turn of events led him to create FIRST Marine, a new reality which, together with his progeny, is entirely based on his original DNA which we are now, more than ever, as his natural legacy. proud to keep growing.

Alberto & Francesco Ferrari
12th October 2022